Better figures awards?

After seeing John Kennedy’s new visualisation of warming by latitude, Richard Erskine (@essaysconcern) suggested that there should be awards for climate visualisation. We heartily agree here at Better Figures, there is so much excellent work going on that should be highlighted, celebrated and shared.

We could certainly do an annual round up of the best climate graphics at Better Figures, but there must be organisations out there who could host, support or promote.

So, who’s in?

If you’d like to be involved in supporting a climate visualisation awards, if you have an idea for a category that you’d like to see, or even if you have a graphic you’d like to nominate, comment below, tweet us @betterfigures or email

Otherwise, look out for the Better Figures annual climate visualisation awards, coming soon.


  1. […] This post was sparked by a Better Figures discussion. “Better figures [is] an occasional blog devoted to excellence in the graphics of climate […]

  2. Thanks, you sparked this response:

    In short:
    * Tremendous
    * Perhaps difficult for some audiences
    * Context setting would improve it

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