Making Better Figures [Video]

Better Figures made a video!

The video offers some tips for making better figures.

We cover:

A brief history of statistical graphics [02:20]

Everybody loves a bad figure [08:10]

Some principles [11:35]

Making better timeseries (applying those principles) [13:13]

Projection distortion [18:00]

Better Palettes [18:46]

We need to talk about “Rainbow” [23:30]

Design, and design again [31:06]

You can download the slides here.

It’s important to remember that this talk represents my PERSONAL VIEWS , and DOES NOT REPRESENT THE VIEWS OF THE MET OFFICE. Ahem.

Thanks for watching – if you have any comments or suggestions leave them below, or tweet @betterfigures or @dougmcneall and we’ll make sure that the next version of the talk is even better.


One comment

  1. […] figure was inspired by Dr. Ed Hawkins’ now-famous climate spiral, and took advice from this talk on making beautiful […]

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