Better Figures does RMetS at the ECMWF

That’s Royal Meterological Society at the European Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasting. We had an afternoon of Visualisation of Meterological data, part of the ECMWF visualisation week, and Better Figures was lucky enough to be invited to present (download the slides).

Train journey

ECMWF was great, in that they have preserved the 1970’s decor beautifully, alongside some nifty modern workspaces. Here is what I’d like to think is called the War Room.

The War Room

Yes, that visualisation at the back is made of carpet. Here’s a close up.


Apparently, it’s a pain to update.

The lecture theatre had a lovely, crisp and bright projector screen, so all of Better Figures’ slides worked fine (even the ones with subtle things) which doesn’t always happen.


Update: see the presentation here!




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